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Manufacturers Represented

General Pump and Machinery, Inc. represents numerous quality and diverse manufacturers covering most water and solids applications for the commercial/HVAC, industrial, municipal, fire protection and aquatic markets.

Centrifugal end suction, inline, split case, regenerative, vertical multi-stage, ANSI, fire protection

Suction Diffusers, Triple Duty valves, Air Separators, Heat Exchangers, Flex Connectors, Tanks

Slurry, Corrosion Resistant, Dewatering, High Temperature

Domestic Booster Systems, HVAC Packaged Systems, Fire Pump Systems

Multistage Centrifugals, Stainless Steel, Machine Tool

Magnetic Drive, Non-Metallic, Condensate, Chemical

Gear Pumps, Bronze, Stainless steel, Centrifugal

Centrifugal end suction, inline, split case, regenerative, vertical multi-stage, ANSI, fire protection

Fiberglass Basins, Covers, Packaged Stations, Triple Garage Basins

Submersible Sump and Sewage, Vertical Pit, Packaged Systems, Control Panels, Dry Pit, Stainless Steel Pumps, Float switches

Air Operated Diaphragm AODD Pumps, Metallic, Non-Metallic

Industrial fluid controls, products, systems including valves, pumps and instrumentation

Corrosion resistant formed stainless steel end suction and multi-stage pumps, submersible, effluent, sump and sewage pumps

Centrifugal water pumps for booster, well, fire, waterfall, irrigation and tanks, motors and controls

Pumps, valves and systems for HVAC, pressure booster, sump and sewage disposal and treatment

Solids handling submersible, vertical turbine and vortex pumps

Electrical, mechanical power management serving all markets with energy efficient products

Self priming solids, trash pumps, submersible non-clog, cutter, grinder, stainless pumps serving all markets

Drum and container pumps and accessories for industrial and sanitary applications

Fire, industrial, municipal control panels and accessories covering a variety of pumping applications

Vertical, horizontal, immersible, self priming pumps, package stations servicing most industrial applications

* Not all brands are represented at all locations.

General Pump and Machinery, Inc.

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